Amber Cook - Curator


Amber Cook is a wannabe writer, a terrible cook, and a pretty good bowler. She does online faculty development and writing instruction for Walden University, and she plays in the flute section of the Blue Ridge Orchestra. She has also been a security guard, a waitress, a newspaper carrier, a bookstore shelf-straightener, and a sex ed teacher. She is the mother of two nutty children and the wife of a very cute architect. 



Heather Brown  - Curator & MC 

Heather "Danger" Brown runs around convincing people that she knows what she's doing.  For instance, curating stories, creating websites, speaking in public, etc.  In her real life, Heather is the oldest of three siblings, the aunt of eight tiny humans, and the wife of one amazing person.


Rebecca Gurney - Curator

Rebecca shares her life and home with three wild and wonderful boys.  She is happy to have joined the staff at GCPC.  She enjoys listening to stories and telling them, preferably over a strong cup of coffee or a dark beer.  Rebecca has a love for tomato sandwiches and fried okra...and a secret love of a popular 1990's female pop singer who shall remain unnamed.




Selena Hileman - Curator

A Western North Carolina native, Selena feels right at home in the mountains of Asheville. She lives with her partner, Jill, in south Asheville and has been working in the field of service-learning in higher education for the past thirteen years. Currently the Director of Service-Learning at UNC Asheville, she considers herself lucky to work with students as they learn to translate out-of-class experiences into in-classroom and lifelong learning. When she isn’t working, Selena is preparing to be a mom and searching for good food and all things in the out-of-doors.

Samantha Gonzalez-Block - Curator

Samantha can't help but move her feet to the rhythm when salsa music hits the air waves! She is excited to serve as one of the pastors at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church. Having moved to Asheville from New York City, Sam is enjoying life in the beautiful mountains - more space, oxygen and trees. She treasures hearing people's stories - and loves a great re-telling as wellSamantha may be found smiling, listening to showtunes, or writing songs on her guitar.



Ben Graham - Curator

Ben Graham is a father, husband, history teacher,  writer, musician, reader, an optimist,  runner,  believer in second chances, and self-confessed geek about most things.  He loves stories of all kinds.


Mark Clevenger - Curator

Mark lives with his wife Cathy in Weaverville near where he grew up.  After 11 years in Charlotte, Mark and Cathy moved back to the family farm to raise their children Emily Rose and Eli.  Mark has been with Wells Fargo bank for 31 years where he currently works as a business architect.

He plays hammered dulcimer and enjoys long distance dual- sport and vintage motorcycling as well as alternative fuel vehicles and shade tree mechanics.


heather gast.jpg

Heather Gast - Curator

A native to the Asheville area, Heather considers herself blessed with great fortune to have not one but four good men in her life.  The demands of family occupy most of her waking hours while working at Grace Covenant fill up the rest of her time with challenge and inspiration.  Despite her busy schedule, she's never at a loss to lend an ear to hear a story or to offer a story of her own, a trait she credits to her father and his nearly endless supply of anecdotes.  Thus the project is both a passion and an extension of her essence and as such leaves her both fulfilled and humbled through every iteration. 

"The bravest people are the ones who don't mind looking like cowards."  - TH White