No one gets to tell you what your life means!
— Jess Walter

Q: How does someone become a teller? 
 A: Let us know you or someone you know is interested by visiting the Your Story page


Q: What does it mean to be "curated" 
 A:  Each teller has a team of curators who have been trained in the art of helping folks bring their story to life.  Tellers meet with their curating team 3 - 4 times before the live event.  Curators listen, offer feedback, note parts of the story they feel connected to and more, all with the intention of assisting the teller deliver the point they want to come across to the audience.


Q: How long are stories typically? 
 A: Each story is typically 6 - 8 minutes in length


Q: How do tellers practice their stories? 
 A:  Everyone has a different style of practicing that works for them.  Some tellers practice with their friends and family, some practice by themselves on the way to work, others write their story down on paper.  All tellers have each session recorded and listen to each version of the story as it progresses.